Monday, 25 September 2017
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Staying with the Felt of the Felt

Attending to what the body feels, even when it may be a superficial felt, and staying with the felt of that felt, is a door to peace, to stillness, to silence; a door to interior discovery, getting closer to something less objective and limited.

The felt of the body is generally identified with the objective side, with what is known, what is remembered, what occurred, with what one wishes and does not wish to relive.

“When one accesses the bodily felt, one gets closer to what is alive, to life, to what –is-. This has its own autonomous, unique, uncertain, new, unpredictable movement, and there flourishes its beauty and mystery.

Allowing for the felt of the felt of the body to be and to move on its own is the simplest approximation that has been found until now for synthesizing what I understand and feel is Focusing.” (Hernández, 2011)