Saturday, 4 December 2021
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Focusing – The Felt Sense in Ecuador and the World

The work with Focusing in Ecuador is supported by Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing theory and seeks to contribute new and primarily simple ideas for accessing the felt sense.

This contribution is based on observations, perceptions and discoveries found during the implementation of the Focusing process in rural and urban communities in Ecuador, especially throughout many individual sessions, workshops and dialogues within the context of the “Literacy of the Felt Sense by way of the pause”.

It is also supported by communications held with Eugene Gendlin and Mary Hendricks for more than a year, in order to develop the Literacy of the Pause and the Felt Sense in the world.

More about the documents developed by Eugene Gendlin: “Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy”, “Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning”, “A Process Model”, and “Implicit Precision